Helgstrand Event and Malgré Tout Media set new sustainability standards with digital event magazines

maj 22. 2023

Helgstrand Event is developing their showground and shows every year. Along with that development come increasing efforts towards more sustainable event organization. In a new partnership with Malgré Tout Media, Helgstrand Event can now offer more sustainable event communication with a digital event magazine for both the Longines EEF Series Aalborg and the Pavo Danish Dressage Championships.

The digital magazine is an innovative and sustainable solution to equestrian event communication, addressing the issue of sustainability. Troels Højvig, CEO and founder of Malgre Tout Media, states that "With a digital event magazine, we aspire to offer an eco-friendly solution to events that are committed to sustainability. A digital magazine reduces the event footprint, ensures no stock shortages, and enables last-minute changes, which are often required in the course of organizing an event."

The magazine is readily accessible, and its digital format allows for easy and instant access to event information from any time or location. It can be accessed through a QR code or a link on social media or websites. In contrast to printed versions, digital magazines provide a superior user experience. The inclusion of videos, web links, and interactive content captivates the reader's attention and piques their interest.

Moreover, the digital magazine provides increased value to event partners. Not only event visitors and riders present at the showground can access the magazine, the enthusiasts at home and live streamers can also access the magazine. Most readers engage with digital magazines by taking specific actions such as clicking on a link. Therefore, advertisements in a digital magazine are interactive and traceable. By creating a blend of advertisements, event information, and engaging articles that cater to the event's target audience, the number of readers increases, along with the exposure of event partners.

“With the digital event magazine we have been able to offer more quality exposure for our sponsors and partners while making sustainable changes in our show hosting and showing inspiring content to more readers.” Says Martin Thorbøll Pedersen, head of Events and Partnerships at Global Equestrian Group.

You can find the digital event magazine for the Longines EEF Series Aalborg here:

Digitalt Event Magasin

About Helgstrand Event

Helgstrand Event is an exceptional showground in the North of Denmark hosting unique and engaging equestrian events. Not only the world’s best dressage and jumping riders travel to Northern Denmark to compete at the fantastic facilities of Helgstrand Event, ambitious amateurs and upcoming young riders are also welcomed to enjoy competing the same quality environment.  

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