Glamping at Helgstrand Event

Do you need to rent a tent for our next event?

Helgstrand Event has made it possible to get a luxury camping experience through collaboration with Event Nature.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is the combination of glamour and camping, where you get to stay in a tent, close to nature, but get your usual hotel amenities, such as a real bed and electricity.

What are you waiting for?

Book a tent for your next Helgstrand Event experience by contacting os at info@helgstrandevent.dk

Party and celebration

A good show must be celebrated, and therefore there is of course the possibility to meet in the evening and do just that. Everyone is welcome for a few pleasant evenings in the Helgstrand VIP lounge, where there will be good music and delicious food. More information about the menu follows.

Tickets can be ordered at DRF Go!

FRIDAY: Equestrian party with dining and DJ/live music. It is possible to buy a ticket for this party even if you are under 18 years of age, but please note that no alcohol is served to participants under 18 years of age. Tickets must be collected from the show office, where identification must be presented for all participants.

SATURDAY: Alcohol-free equestrian party with dining and DJ/live music. No alcohol is served at this party regardless of age. Tickets must be collected from the show office.