NDS Equine Nutrition new partner Helgstrand Dressage

september 15. 2022

NDS Equine is a Danish family run health food company. NDS, meaning Nutrient-Delivery-System was founded in 1987 and formed to manufacture and supply products with the best natural supplements available. Besides supplements for humans, NDS also produces supplements for horses, dogs and cats.

NDS has grown massively over the recent years, and their products know many success stories in both humans and horses. NDS Equine Nutrition is a leader in the field of effective and documented collagen products, which all have been approved at a laboratory recognised by the FEI. The products have no fillers, no allergens, no chemical ingredients, no synthetic ingredients, no sugars, no colourings, and no flavourings.

Managers, grooms, and riders at Helgstrand Dressage have had the opportunity to try NDS products over the past months. At Helgstrand Dressage, elite dressage horses are trained at the highest level by some of the world’s best riders. It is of utmost importance that both horse and rider stay healthy and fit to participate in the highest level of the sport. Getting support for the joints and ligaments of the horses is so important to maintain them as happy and healthy athletes.

“Horses do not tell us exactly what is happening inside their body. As we want to perform with them it is our responsibility of maintaining the horses happy and healthy, preventing injuries as much as we can. Good management of rider and groom is important as well as providing our horses with the right nutrition and supplements. NDS Equine products have already shown great results for our horses and we are happy with them as a new partner.” Says Thomas Sigtenbjerggaard, General Manager at Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark.

For more information about NDS Equine please visit NDS Equine or download their Equine Collagen Supplements brochure here.